Jim's Surf Album

Bob Balsom
Bob Balsom at Brookhurst St. 1967

Bob Balsom                                                                Balsom and friend

                                                        Bob Balsom ~1973                                                                   Bob and ??? Brookhurst St.  1967

Brookhurst    Schmitt

                                                                                          Home away from home                                 Carl Schmitt Cottons Pt. 1967

1975     Doho 
   Jim at Doheny 1975                                             Jim at Doheny 2003

  Jim at El Capitan

                                                                                      Jim at El Capitan 1974

Duke and Johnny    Beach Girl

                                                                      Johnny Weismiller and the Duke  1965                         Surfer Girl at San Onofre
                                                             Huntington Beach Surf Contes

Left Point     Left Point

  This is Jim at a place called Left Pt.  It was a long slow left, breaking over a reef.  On big days it was a 300 yard paddle.   On  a good day you could only get 3 or 4 waves.  Long fun rides.  It is no more.  Pele took it away.  It is now under 30 feet of lava.
Kaimu     Ken and Me at K39
                                                               Kaimu is gone too.  Pele was pissed off.                Jim and Ken at K-39 about 1989

Creating     San Onofre sunset

                                                                             Jim sanding a new board  1970                    San Onofre at sunset

Old broads
The real olden days.  Waikiki in the 40's

                       jim and mary            dale
                                 Jim and his sister and cousin about 1950                      Jim and Dale Velzy at a party 2002

                                      me and paul           da guys
                                 Jim and brother Paul  1965 at K-39                          2002 Reunion  some of The Team

            Jim and Family at K-39               


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