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Apple King Graphic Communications.....Custom T-Shirts, and Baseball Caps. Designs can be posted on our web page for your approval. No job too small.  We specialize in one of a kind T's and Hats.   E-Mail Me

E-mail  us with your order   for custom t-shirts and baseball caps. All shirts are printed on high quality heavy weight Hanes Beefy T's. Hats are the best quality 5 panel available from Mega Cap. E-Mail us with your requirements and for a price quote. We can print photo's or any design that can be created in a computer.



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Apple King....a little family history.

The name Pomeroy comes from the root meaning , something like, royal apple or apple king. Uncle Ralph the Conqueror Pomeroy was with William the Conqueror in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings and won lands and titles for being such a good fighter. The Pomeroys held their lands for 500 years, then stepped on the Kings toes once too often and lost their land. In 1630 a group of the Pomeroys got fed up with England and moved to America. A group also went to New Zealand, but I don't know much about them. The Berry Pomeroy Castle still stands in Devon England. The Apple King logo is a little green apple with a gold crown on it........

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