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Photo hats and t-shirts

So you caught a big fish. Are you going to have it mounted?  Good choice.  It may cost you $200 and take 6 months to have done. Why not have it put on a hat or t-shirt for under $30 and
have it mailed to your door, in less than a week. Just send me an e-mail with your name, and the date and time caught.  I can pull the pic off the web-cam or you can e-mail me the jpg photo.  Give me a week to deliever.  Pay with your credit card by using PayPal.  Just click on the appropriate PayPal logo below.

Custom trophy T-shirt  $25  +  $5 shipping 

Custom Trophy Hat  $12  +  $3 shipping 

Custom Hat/T-shirt Combo  $32  +  $5 shipping 

If you are not on the Internet and need to pay with a check or money order, send the photo with your request and payment to:

         Apple King Graphic Communications
           P.O. Box 185
           Minersville, Utah 84752

We can put ANY PHOTO  or design on a Hat or T-shirt.
 Send me an e-mail with your request.
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