Updated 31 Oct. 2002
2002 Reunion

 Reviews:                 The Team
 Jim... Gail,
"The video was unbelievable. You did a great job!
I'm really impressed. It's great to have these memories
You need to change your email to Videoking"

"Got mine Saturday Jim, narly surf scenes, great tape.
But if we have to vote, the best part was Gail in a
bikini! cowabunga," dave

EEEzzzz zeees zeeee famouuuuus mooooovie direktoooor? Zeee surf feeelm ezzzz soooo fabulouuuuuus! Veeeee ken hardleeeeee beeeeeleeeeve eeeeet!
Seriously! Wow!"
Love ya,

"The movie plays perfectly in my dvd player... and Kathleen and I give it two
enthusiastic "thumbs up!"  What a blast to see all those memories in motion
again.".... Dave T.

Enjoyed the movie--you're really good at that stuff.  I don't know how you put all of that together.  Question?  Why did you just let me sit on the beach instead of riding your shoulders like some of those other girls? And  where was the life jacket on Jessica?  Tiny little thing in that big ocean.  ------Wilbur

The Movie is 54 minutes long on DVD or VHS.  It's compiled from about 3 hours of footage shot in Southern California in the early 60's and 70's mixed with footage shot at the Jeffrey Dale Competition Team's annual reunion.  There was a gap in the filming due to Vietnam.  Almost to a man, we went to war and didn't surf much between 1966 and about 1971. Movie on board There are clips taken at The Crona Del Mar Jetty, some of the talent at Poche, a panorama of Mile 0 and Old Dana Point and Doheny before the harbor. Some old Brookhurst St. when the team got together for a day. The 1965 Huntington Surf Contest has a few clips.  Phil Edwards in one of his rare contest appearances.  Dewey Weber in a couple of great rides at the Pier. and Rich Chew doing his thing.  There is also some great Rincon and El Capitan.  You also get to see us old guys surfing, some of us just getting back into it after several years of family raising and such.  A lot of this footage is old and the quality isn't what it once was, but like old surfers, the older we get, the better we were.

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Bruce and Robert say Hi  

 Bruce and Robert say Hi
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