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July 6th 1985 at Pine Trees near Keahole Airport on the Big Island of Hawaii at about 4am.

My wife , two week old daughter and I were camping on the beach at Pine Trees. It had been raining off and on most of the night. A squall had just passed and we were settling down for another half hour of sleep before the next squall came through. My wife, in a very excited voice said to me "what are those lights." I would like to say that the next thing we knew it was July 10th, and we could not account for the last five days, but what I saw was 3 very bright green lights in a triangle pattern, with a light at each point. They were moving very rapidly from South to North at eye level. They were in view for about 10 seconds and dissapeared from view. I don't think an aircraft would be flying on the deck under those conditions, wind shear, and a boat could not go that fast. I don't know what the lights were or where they came from, but my gut feeling was they were not from this earth.

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