02/10/97: WHO WE ARE

Posted by: mrfrosty@hom.net (Gene)

The following was taken from a state militia web page, however, I am not sure who wrote it. I don't think they will mind if I repost it for them. While I agree wholeheartedly with it, I can not take credit for it. I hope you can enjoy it as much as I.


To ask who we are is not only a perfectly legitimate question, it is an absolutely essential questions. However, before I attempt to answer that very important question, let me begin by saying who, and what, we are not.

Contrary to what you may have read in the newspapers, or heard on the radio, or even seen on the television news, we are not a group of "goose-stepping" anti-Semitic racist with single digit IQ's. And in spite of what the government, and it's lackeys in the media would have you believe, we are not a bunch of mad-bombers. We are not out to destroy the government. We are hoping to restore it.

Our members represent every racial group, every major religion, and both sexes. Many of our members are college graduates, and a substantial number possess advanced degrees, while others lack a high school diploma. Most of our people are veterans and many have actual combat experience. From professionals to laborers, and teachers to law enforcement officers, we have come together because we have something in common. something that transcends race, or religionm, or sex. We love America. We know where she's been, and we fear where she's heading.

We are graybeards who remember the cops that walked a beat in our neighborhoods, and who knocked on the door when they wanted to talk to us. We are young blacks who tremble at the sight of a police car in their rear view mirror.

We are lawyers who still choke up when we read the constitution, and we are factory workers and house-wives who refuse to believe that sacred document, the Constitution, has become obsolete.

We are ordinary people who have done an extraordinary thing. We have read the writing on the wall, and we have said no. We have read the writing and said "Hell no!" "Hell no, I'm not giving up my country," and "Hell no, I'm not giving up America," not to the socialist, and not to the United Nations, not without a fight!

Ane we pray. And our prayer is that somehow those who would take away our liberty, that those who have placed themselves above our Constitution and the supreme law of the land will read the writing on the walls, and give America back to us before it's too late.

But most of all, we are Patriots, sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

So who are we? We are your neighbor, your secretary, your doctor, the mechanic who fixed your car, and yes, maybe even the face that stares at you from the mirror every morning.

We are Americans!

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